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Walker & Slanker is located in North Central Florida.  We are a  litigation firm focused on striving to provide excellent service to our clients.  We understand that your case and/or the legal matter that we are handling on your behalf may be the most important thing you have happening in your life at that time and we treat every case as such. With nearly thirty years of combined legal experience, we specialize in a broad area of disciplines. Our primary focus is on Personal Injury, Forclosure Defense and Asset Protection/Bankruptcy, Criminal Defense, Banking and Commercial litigation, and Family Law.


While we always attempt to avoid going to court and/or a trial, because both avenues may be expensive and stressful, our willingness to take cases to trial often times allow our clients to achieve better outcomes whether it be a horrible injury related to an automobile accident or a possible aquital after being charged in a criminal matter.


 Our motto is that if you have to go to court, we will be there to represent you.  We are trial attorneys and we handle each case from the beginning to the end as if it will be going to trial.  


The two attorneys, Foye B. Walker and Michelle L.  Slanker, are both members of the Florida Bar.  Foye B. Walker is also a member of  the Federal Bar for the Middle District of Florida.

Our main office is conveniently located at 173 SE Baya Drive, which is just across the street from the Veteran's Hospital in Lake City Florida.  Our firm is dedicated to providing excellent representation in many different areas of the legal field.  


Foye B. Walker Foye B. Walker, Esquire

Foye B. Walker is an experienced trial attorney with years of experience in litigating several different legal matters inside and out of the court room. He specializes in Personal Injury, Business and Commercial Litigation, Bankruptcy,  Foreclosure Defense, and Family Law. 

Michelle L. Slanker Michelle L. Slanker, Esquire


Michelle L. Slanker is an experienced trial attorney with over 13 years as an Assistant State Attorney.  She has an imense background in cases ranging from misdemeanors to  life felonies, including adult and juvenile criminal cases. 



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Walker & Slanker

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Monday-Friday 9am-5pm


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